Pwnie Yard: Razorettes

Game-Play Manual

Pwnie Yard: Razorettes is a one-button game, yet it has more fine tuned controls as some games of this genre. The following two actions are what you will need to master the game.


Once a razor wire gets close to your legs you will need to jump in order to avoid it.

A quick tap will do the trick.

If you idle for a brief time, you get dizzy and start to lean forward or backward and ultimately fall over.

To prevent this you need to tap and hold down util you are upright again.


If you tap and hold the jump will be slighly delayed which always a ore precise timing.

Note, the jump height is always the same but the timing can be adjusted precisely using this technique.

If tap and hold after landing, the next jump will be performed faster.

After some pratice, this allows for rapid succesive jumps wich you can chain together.

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The music was provided composed by "The Afternoon Dreamers" specifically for this game.

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